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Hello and welcome to my web site based here in this green and pleasant part of northwest England.

The site consists of a number of sections with information and links on various topics, mostly genealogy-related. However, there are also a few sections dealing with some of my other interests for when you need a break from the genealogical research!

Please make use of the search engine, which you will find just below, which is customised for this site.

Alan Rickards
Holmes Chapel

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Subjects are arranged into the following sections.

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British, U.S. and Worldwide History Links
Some sites of interest to anyone trying to link with an historical event or person.
Includes links to the Family History Society of Cheshire's sites and a number of others related to the county.
Genealogy Computing
Genealogical computing and internet resources.
Genealogy Miscellanae
Useful genealogy links that don't fit into the other categories.
Genealogy Researchers
Selection of professional genealogy researchers
Holmes Chapel
Early History of the village, the Church, the Civil War, the Fire of 1753 & the Railway, plus links to other sites related to Holmes Chapel today and in history. (Includes photographs.)
Some good sites devoted to maps and mapping.
Pocahontas, John Rolfe, Jamestown and Virginia
The family to whom tradition says I am (distantly) related!
U.K. Genealogy Links
Extensive list of U.K. Genealogy Sites.
Worldwide & Specifically American Genealogy Resources
Selection of On-line Genealogy Links. Includes some Genealogy Database sites.
My Surnames 1
My Surnames 2
My Surnames 3
My Surnames 4
Palmer (1)/Palmer (2)/Parminter/Payne
My Surnames 5
My Surnames 6
U.K. Beers and Breweries
For when the research starts to get a bit dry!
U.K. Bottle Collecting Page
My collection of old bottles and the home of the Bottle Collectors Webring.
Awards Page
More Genealogy and other web-site awards which I have been fortunate to have received.
UK Search Engines
A selection of UK based and UK specific Search Engines.
Worldwide Search Engines
An extensive list of WWW Search Engines.

And finally ........
"The Group"
A photograph of myself, with Don Spade and John Richardson, after our Reunion Recording Session in Brentwood, Essex on 28 February 1998.

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