John Rolfe & Pocahontas

The "Rolfe - Pocahontas" Connection
John ROLFE  m  Dorothy MASON  24 September 1582   
(Dorothy MASON married Dr Robert REDMAIN after John's death
 in 1594)
	|          |				       |
      John	(Henry m Frances PIGOTT 1612)      (Edward)
Marriage 1
1st wife name unknown (died 1610)
Daughter - Bermuda b 1610 (Christened 21 February 1610) 
d 1610
Marriage 2
Princess POCAHONTAS 1614 (died 1616 buried at Gravesend 
21 March)
Jane ROLFE (d 1676) m Col Robert BOLLING 1675
John BOLLING b 1676
Marriage 3
Jane PIERCE 1619 (Jane later married Capt Roger SMITH 1622)
Elizabeth b 1620
John ROLFE Senior married Dorothy (or Dorothea) Mason on 
24 September 1582. They definitely had two sons, possibly a 
third, i.e. John, Henry and Edward. John Junior married an 
unknown lady who died in 1610, either in childbirth or 
shortly after. The baby, christened Bermuda whilst en route 
to America, did not survive the journey.
In 1614 John married Princess POCAHONTAS and they had a son, 
Thomas, although the precise date of birth is unknown. 

POCAHONTAS died at Gravesend, Kent, in March 1616 where she 
had been put ashore after beginning the journey home to 
America with her husband and son, who continued the journey 
after her burial in Gravesend churchyard on 21 March 1616. 
(The church, where she was interred in the crypt has since 
been destroyed by fire but there is a statue of her in the 

John later married Jane PIERCE in 1619 upon his return to 
America and they had a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1620. John 
died in either 1621 or 1622, soon after which Jane PIERCE 
ROLFE married Captain Roger SMITH.

John ROLFE's son, Thomas, married Jane POYTHRESS (date 
unknown), having settled in America, and they had a daughter,
also named Jane, who married Captain Robert BOLLING in 1675,
but died in childbirth in 1676. Her son, John, survived her.

The ROLFE name in direct descent from John ROLFE and 
POCAHONTAS therefore appears to have ceased at their son 
Thomas's death. 

The ROLFE family home, Heacham Hall at Heacham, Norfolk, was 
destroyed by fire in 1945.


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