A Short Dictionary of Cheshire Biographies

BACK, Sir George (1796-1878), was born at Holly Vale, Stockport, and educated at Stockport Grammar School. He became a courageous and distinguished explorer, mainly in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. From 1818-23, he accompanied Sir John Franklin on the first modern voyage round Spitzbergen, to the Coppermine River, and on a survey of the American Coast. He was later on the expedition which went in search of Ross. He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society and was knighted in 1838.

BEATTY, David, Viscount Borodale of Wexford, Baron Beatty of the North Sea and of Brooksby (1871-1936), was born at Howbeck Lodge, Stapeley, near Nantwich. He became Admiral of the Fleet, and during World War I was the hero of the battles of the Dogger Bank and of Jutland. He was made a Freeman of the City of Chester, and for his services in the Navy (he was then Sir David Beatty) am earldom was conferred on him.

BOOTH, Sir George, later first Baron Delamere of Dunham Massey (1622-84), succeeded the older Sir George who was created a baronet in 1611. As a Cromwellian he served in all the Protectorate parliaments, and supported the Parliamentary side in the Cheshire campaigns, but later became a Royalist and led the Cheshire rising of 1659. He was taken prisoner and confined in the Tower of London. After his release he was instrumental with others in bringing back Charles II to England and was made Baron in 1661 for his part in the Restoration.