Pocahontas Chronology

	c.1595	Matoaka (later called Pocahontas) born in what is now 	
		eastern Virginia to Powhatan, leader of the  Powhatan Confederacy,.

26 April 1607	First group of English settlers to arrive in Virginia drop 	
		anchor off the shore of Chesapeake Bay.

14 May 1607	English settlers found the colony of Jamestown at the 	
		confluence of the James and Chickahiminy rivers.

May/Dec. 1607	Pocahontas visits Jamestown several times; meets 	
		Captain John Smith, whom she tutors in the Powhatan's

December 1607	Smith is captured by Powhatan warriors and taken to the
		village of Werowocomoco to meet Powhatan; Pocahontas
		"saves" Smith during what was probably a mock 	
		execution, staged as part of a ceremony intended to adopt
		the Englishman into the Powhatan tribes.

Jan/Feb. 1608	Pocahontas sends Indian messengers to Jamestown with
		food for the struggling colonists.

Jan 1609        Powhatan orders Smith's death; Pocahontas warns Smith
		of her father's decree, allowing him to escape from the 	

1 Oct.  1609	Smith leaves Jamestown and sails for England.

Autumn 1609	Powhatan orders the massacre of 60 settlers visiting 	
		Werowocomoco; Pocahontas goes to live with the 	
		Patawomeke tribe.

Spring 1613	Pocahontas is kidnapped by Captain Samuel Argall, who
		takes her to Jamestown as an English prisoner.

1613-1614	She receives instruction in the tenets of Christianity and is
		baptised by Protestant minister Alexander Whitaker.

5 April 1614	Pocahontas marries colonist John Rolfe.

1615		She gives birth to a son, Thomas.

Spring 1616	She sails to London as part of fund-raising efforts for a
		Christian school for English and Indian children.

March 1617	Pocahontas dies in Gravesend, England, possibly from a
		respiratory ailment.

(Taken from "Pocahontas Powhatan Peacemaker" by Anne Holler, Chelsea
House Publishers)


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