Top-Ten Foot and Mouth Melodies

I know that the current outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease here in the UK is very serious but in any such event, someone somewhere comes up with some humour. I therefore reproduce below an e-mail that came to me a few days ago.

Top-Ten Foot and Mouth Melodies

In at number 10.-
I Just Died In Your Farms Tonight - Cutting Crew

9. I Dismember Ewe - Frank Ifield

8. (Hey Ewe) Go Up In A Cloud - The Rolling Stones

7. (White) Spirit In The Sty - Doctor and the Medics

6. I Just Culled To Say I love Ewe - Lionel Richie

5. Cull-Is-Entire - Wings

4. Come On Bambi Light My Pyre - The Doors

3. Smoke On The Slaughter - Deep Purple

2. When Wool I See Ewe Again - 3 Degrees

And this weeks smokin' number one :-

1. - Great Bulls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis...

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