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"The Gary Gormless Story"

Gary was the epitome of the Sixties Pop Star - spots, bent manager and sent to an early grave. His musical output is now legendary and he has achieved immortality in the annuls of musical history.

This selection features all his best work (indeed, all his work, best or otherwise) including such gems as Since You Gave Me The 'Ook, Beggars Can't Be Choosers and I Haven't Got The Knack. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Baby's Left Me Blue

2. She's A Creep

3. Power-driven Lawnmower Blues

4. You Turn Me Up

5. Since You Gave Me The 'Ook

6. Sid

7. (The I've Got) Pimples (All Over My Face) Blues

8. Beggars Can't Be Choosers

9. I Haven't Got The Knack

10. Cynthia

11. Monica, Darling Monica

12. And Then I Knew (You Didn't Want Me Any More)

13. A Girl Called Greta

14. Last Of The Big Spenders

15. Together (We Will Be)


Please note that in order to enhance your enjoyment of these classic recordings, side two is exactly the same as side one! Therefore, when you have finished listening to the songs on the first side, you can turn the tape over and hear them ALL OVER AGAIN!

"An Evening of Tat With The Chain Gang"/"The Trashman Cometh"

Featuring the musical dexterity of Don (Two Sheds) Spade and Alan (Sticks) Rickards

Virtually talentless though Fred Flush, and indeed the entire Chain Gang, may well have been, it is not without a certain nostalgia (an emotion akin to the regard felt by a dog for its long-lost breakfast) that enthusiasts regard their mid-1960s recordings.

An Evening of Tat With The Chain Gang

1. Apache (9.7.65/24.1.66)

2. Around The Town (24.1.66)

3. Driftin' (4.6.65)

4. Down The Pan (24.1.66)

5. The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt (12.1.66)

6. I'm An Idiot (24.1.66)

7. Certificate X (24.1.66)

8. How's About It Babe? (24.1.66)

9. The Cloudburst (28.1.66)

10. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (28.1.66)

11. Driftwood (28.1.66)

12. Here I Am On My Own Babe (28.1.66)

The Trashman Cometh

1. Man of Mystery (7.2.66)

2. Listen To Me (7.2.66)

3. The Millionaire

4. The Lament of the Forsaken Petrol Pump Attendant 7.2.66)

5. F.B.I. (7.2.66)

6. That'll Be The Day (7.2.66)

7. Crying in the Rain (21.2.66)

8. (Beyond) The Sea (21.2.66)

9. The Trashman Cometh (21.2.66)

10. Find Me A Golden Street (21.2.66)

11. She Wants A Superman (21.2.66)

12. Temptation (21.2.66)

The Chain Gang : "Lost" L.P./Crosby, Stills, Wood and Rickards/Bonus Tracks

"Lost" L.P.

The gratifying response to the recent re-issue of material by this seminal band encouraged Tat Records to produce a further compilation. This L.P. was not issued in the 1960s because the group's manager, Isaac Fastbuck, refused to sign a most unfair contract drawn up by the Chain Gang's legal eagles under which the group would actually have been entitled to royalties.

1. Tonight (1965)

2. The Mating Call of a Dyspeptic Cabbage (early '66)

3. 59 Shades of Blue (March 1966)

4. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (June 1966)

5. The Crucible (May 1966)

6. Wild Thing (July 1966)

7. A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever (July 1966)

8. Junky Ann (October 1966)

9. See Her Going Down The Street (November 1966)

10. May The Best Man Win - Part 2 (October 1966)

11. Peggy Sue Got Married (December 1966)

12. Because I Love You (December 1966)

"Crosby, Stills, Wood and Rickards"

Featuring the aforementioned Alan (Sticks) Rickards and Graham (Chippy) Wood (plus a demented bluebottle). All tracks recorded 29.9.66)

1. Sloop John B

2. Can't You Hear My Heartbeat

3. Four Strong Winds

4. Love Potion No. 9

5. Daydream

6. If I Had A Hammer

Bonus Tracks

Featuring on various tracks, Don (Two Sheds) Spade, John (Fingers) Richardson and Alan (Sticks) Rickards.

(It isn't easy to pad these tapes out, y'know.)

7. Certificate X (March 1966)

8. The Rock Number (March 1966)

9. The Agricultural Blues (March 1966)

10. Don't Make My Baby Blue (1965)

11. Goodbye Dolly Gray (1965)

"The Kords, 1964 - 1969"

Some of the earliest known recordings of this group of Sixties Icons (well they weren't musicians) are included on this latest collection recently recovered from the Tat Records International wheelie bins. They are warmly recommended to any axe murderers looking for potential victims.

One little known fact which is revealed in the copious sleeve notes to this collector's item is that the only truly live performance of the Kords was an impromptu lunchtime session in the hall of Grays County Technical School, Hathaway Road, Grays, Essex on 21st July 1965. What is not known is the number of impressionable young people who suffered severe attacks of sickness through eating their lunches at the same time as this noise polution (now there's a good name for a group!).

Don Spade (lead guitar, rhythm guitar*, bass guitar**);
Graham Wood (rhythm guitar);
John Richardson (bass guitar, rhythm guitar**);
Alan Rickards (drums);
Vocals collectively by various unidentified group personnel to avoid the blame being placed on any one individual.

1. On Top Of Old Smokey (27.11.64)

2/3. The Blue Tail Fly (27.11.64)

4. When The Saints Go Marching In (27.11.64)

5. Blowin' In The Wind (27.11.64)

6. When You Walk In The Room (11.12.64)

7. Kon-Tiki (2.4.65)

8. That'll Be The Day (9.4.65)

9. Oh Boy (9.4.65)

10. Times They Are A-Changin' (9.4.65)

11. Kon-Tiki (23.4.65)

12. F.B.I. (23.4.65)

13. Apache (23.4.65)

14. Hava Nagila (23.4.65)

15. Havanother Nagila (23.4.65)

16. Havayetanother Nagila (23.4.65)

17. Midnight (23.4.65)

18. Sleepwalk' (4.6.65) *

19. Driftin' (4.6.65)

1.F.B.I. (9.7.65)

2. Apache (9.7.65)

3. Midnight (9.7.65)

4. Havanevenmore Nagila (9.7.65)

5. Kon-Tiki (9.7.65)

6. Peace Pipe (9.7.65)

7. Man Of Mystery 9.7.65)

8. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt (9.7.65)

9. Tonight (9.7.65)

10. All I Have To Do Is Dream (late 1965)

11. Around The Town (1966)

12. Sweets For My Sweet (29.6.67)

13. Da Doo Ron Ron (29.6.67)

14. The I Kissed Her (29.6.67)

15. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt (20.3.69) **

16. Theme For Young Lovers (20.3.69) **

17. Driftin' (27.3.69) **

18. Kon-Tiki' (27.3.69) **

19. Apache (27.3.69) **

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